Jesus on trial – again

How would a contemporary lawyer approach the most famous trial in history? Find out in Wesley J. Smith’s fascinating piece, “A Contemporary Review of the Trial of Jesus,” on First Things’ website at ... Continue Reading

It’s a free country, right?

Not if you’re attending an American college or university. The Intercollegiate Review reports that not only is student free speech and association threatened by schools’ PC group think, the federal government is now proposing a national speech code ... Continue Reading

North America’s largest collection of classic boats

There are few locations in North America as beautiful as the Thousand Islands. The wealthy barons of the Gilded Age certainly thought so and spent summers there in their large homes, cruising to and fro on their wooden steam yachts. It was an era ... Continue Reading

The honest, witty, erudite Hilton Kramer

Bradley W. Anderson begins his tribute to the great Hilton Kramer in the September/October issue of Touchstone magazine with the story of why Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn insisted that only Kramer could conduct his first New York Times interview. It was ... Continue Reading

Is that a Jackson Pollock above your mantle?

“Imagine people coming to someone and saying every painting you sold me is a fake. It is an unthinkable situation. It is completely insane.” So said Marco Grassi an expert on Old Master painting when describing the forgery scandal surrounding $80 ... Continue Reading