How do you solve a problem like USPS?

The United States Postal Service (USPS), which lost $20 billion dollars during the last two fiscal years, wants to do what all government entities do when facing revenue and business volume loses…raise rates. Called an “exigent rate increase,” the ... Continue Reading

Short Order Publishing

Newsstand operations have been notorious for their inefficiencies and waste. Now there’s an innovation that could change the business. But is it too late? Meganews Magazines has introduced a kiosk that prints magazines on demand. In a space ... Continue Reading

Online subscription pricing on the rise

Business Media reports that publishers are taking a tougher position on pricing their online content ... Continue Reading

Are iPads dead?

It may seem a little crazy, or at least greatly premature, to pronounce the demise of iPads that have only been in existence a few years. Yet the tech blogosphere is carry pieces that do just that. For example, “Is the iPad Era Already Drawing to a ... Continue Reading

Magazine subscriptions: Is print dead?

“The sensibility that print is cratering is just nuts.” So said Charles Townsend, CEO of Condé Nast last year at the Paley Center for Media (Audience Development magazine). This may seem like backward thinking to some who have placed their bets on ... Continue Reading

Fundraising: The Donor Retention Blues

If you are having trouble getting your donors to repeat their giving year after year, you are not alone. A new 2012 Fundraising effectiveness Survey Report from the Association of Fundraising Professionals show that for the year 2011, “every $100 ... Continue Reading

Fundraising: Online giving on the rise

It should be no surprise that online giving grew 10.7% last year. It is a convenient and, now, trusted way to support a favorite charity. While online’s slice of the fundraising pie is getting larger, it accounted for only 7% of total giving in ... Continue Reading

Jesus on trial – again

How would a contemporary lawyer approach the most famous trial in history? Find out in Wesley J. Smith’s fascinating piece, “A Contemporary Review of the Trial of Jesus,” on First Things’ website at ... Continue Reading

It’s a free country, right?

Not if you’re attending an American college or university. The Intercollegiate Review reports that not only is student free speech and association threatened by schools’ PC group think, the federal government is now proposing a national speech code ... Continue Reading

North America’s largest collection of classic boats

There are few locations in North America as beautiful as the Thousand Islands. The wealthy barons of the Gilded Age certainly thought so and spent summers there in their large homes, cruising to and fro on their wooden steam yachts. It was an era ... Continue Reading